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Economics and Finance

Welcome to the Economics and Finance homepage at the West Chester University College of Business and Public Affairs website. The Economics and Finance department offers two degree programs:

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Economics, and
Bachelor of Science (BS) in Finance

The BS in Economics program is designed to instill in students a rational-decision making ability, including quantitative techniques, for allocating scarce resources in society among alternative uses. The BS in Finance program focuses on asset prices, investments, financial structure of firms, international finance, and financial markets.

In support of the University Mission, the School of Business provides high-quality undergraduate and graduate business education to students from Pennsylvania and the broader region. The school focuses on student learning and the development of skills that prepare them for the demands of the global business environment. The School strives to be a critical component of the economic fabric of the region through efforts that connect the School with the local and regional community. Given its emphasis on quality teaching, the School encourages faculty to engage in scholarly activities related to their field of expertise, teaching and community issues.

I invite you to explore other sections of our website as well as the WCU Undergraduate Catalog. If you require additional information about our programs, feel free to call the Economics and Finance department at (610) 436-3331.

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