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Service Requests

  Emergency Service  
  Routine Building Maintenance  
  How to Request Service  
  Event Planning  
  Chargeable or Non-Chargeable?  
  Prioritization of Work Requests  
  Emergency Service  
    For emergency service (utilities interruptions, elevator problems, floods, or any situation presenting a safety and/or hazard to personnel and/or the facility) Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00AM and 4:30PM, please call Work Control, ext. 2444.  
    For emergencies after hours and on weekends and holidays, please call Public Safety, ext. 3311.  
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  Routine Building Maintenance  
    WCU Plant Operations provides the following building maintenance:  
          o Carpentry and general building maintenance  
          o Locksmith services  
          o Plumbing  
          o Electrical  
          o Heating and Air Conditioning  
          o Painting  
          o Elevator maintenance  
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  How to Request Services  
    For routine building maintenance, please contact the Facility Administrator for your building. The Facility Administrator, or his/her designee, can submit work requests via iService Desk . Instructions on how to use iService Desk are located here.  
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  Event Planning  
    Here are some things to consider when planning events:  
          o Carpentry Shop for tents, tarps (PP).
          o  Moving Services provides tables, chairs, & podiums (SS). They also provide trash cans for outside events.  
          o  The Custodial Department provides custodial services (SS). They provide trash cans for inside events only.  
          o The Electric Shop provides lighting & temporary power (PP).  
          o  The Plumbing Shop provides standby service for plumbing issues (PP).  
      Event Checklist  
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  Chargeable or Non-chargeable?  
    Work required to keep the University facilities looking as originally constructed and in proper operating condition is covered by the Facilities budget.  
    The following are examples of work paid for by the requesting department:  
          o repairs to departmental equipment  
          o custom work to a building or room  
          o painting if the walls and paint are in good condition  
          o hanging personal pictures on the wall  
          o building new furniture  
          o assembling furniture purchased by the department  
          o furniture modifications of a non-essential nature  
          o expanding electrical, plumbing or HVAC service  
          o making and installing signs  
          o installation of new departmental equipment  
          o special event services  
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  Prioritization of Work Requests  
    When your work request is received, a work order is generated and a priority is assigned:  
oPriority Level 5 = Emergency
  »  An emergency is a situation which could injure a person or cause significant damage to a building and needs to be resolved immediately.  
  »  Call Work Control directly at x2444, Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 4:30 pm to report the issue. After hours, please call Public Safety at x3311.  
  »  No need to submit a work request, we will do it for you.  
oPriority Level 4 = Urgent
  »  Urgent requests are situations affecting the flow of business, such as building temperature issues, room security, elevator malfunctions, or water/sewer issues, and need to be resolved today.  
oPriority Level 3 = Normal
  »  Routine service requests are considered a normal priority and are assigned on a first come first serve basis. You can expect them to be completed in about 3 business days, depending on higher priority work & campus events.  
oPriority Level 2 = Low
  »  Discretionary work such as hanging pictures and assembling furniture will be done after routine maintenance and higher priority work is complete.  
oPriority Level 1 = Event
  »  The Event priority is used for all campus activities such as camps, conferences, and sporting events. Work will be completed by date of event or date specified in the request.  
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    Please call Work Control, x2444, for further information.