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Vice President's Open Office Hours

From: The Vice President for Administration and Finance
To: The West Chester University Community
Re: Open Office Hours

The Open Office Hours program for Vice President Mixner has amended hours for the duration of the summer. Beginning Monday, May 9th until the University resumes the Fall 2016 session, Open Office Hours will be held from 3-4 PM.

On Monday, August 29th, the Open Office Hours Program will return to the two-hour time block -- 3-5 PM.

No appointment is necessary.   My office is located in Philips Memorial Building, Room 203.  

The Administration and Finance Division encompasses support functions that are vital to the operation of WCU and the success of students, faculty, staff and the community in general.

I look forward to meeting you.

Mark P. Mixner
Telephone: (610) 436-2731
Fax: (610) 738-0314