Campus Recreation

West Chester University

Student Recreation Center
Campus Recreation
275 North Campus Dr.
West Chester, PA 19383
Ph: 610.436.1REC
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Mission Statement & Learning Outcomes

Mission Statement

The West Chester University Personal Training Program is committed to providing each participant with a personalized service to assist the students, faculty/staff in identifying, prioritizing, and achieving his/her health and fitness goals.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. To enhance the fitness programming of the Recreation Center by expanding its services offered to the students, faculty, staff, and other paid members, and ensuring that those services focus solely on the individual and their fitness and wellness goals.
  2. To provide a fitness assessment tool to the participants of the Recreation Center helping them establish their fitness and wellness levels, determine goals, and enhance their fitness experience.
  3. To provide education and practical opportunities to students interested in the fields of fitness and wellness by offering students professional level training in personal training, and the opportunity to use the skills that are learned to acquire professional experience in the students’ desired field