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Belay Classes


Become a certified belayer! Throughout the Fall and Spring semesters, Climbing Wall monitors will be conducting belay certification classes during all shifts.

You can sign up to take belay classes at the Climbing Wall during normal hours.

Belay classes are held during all shifts as long as there is monitor availability.  You must be able to attend the full hour and 15 minutes.  Sign up at the rock climbing wall to reserve a specific date and time to ensure Climbing Wall monitor availability.

If you received a belay certifcation card during a previous semester, you may take a pass/fail belay Challenge Test instead of taking a class.  Upon passing you will receive a 2015 sticker for your red belay certification card.

Belay Procedures Policies

  • In order to belay, belayers must be trained through the Campus Recreation Department.
  • In order to belay, trained belayers must be on record with the Campus Recreation Department.
  • No ATCs, Muenter hitch, or figure-of-eight belays. Gri Gris only.
  • Belayers must lower climbers in a smooth and controlled manner. 
  • Once belay certified, the climber will be issued a WCU belay certification.  The card MUST hang from the harness when they are climbing and belaying.
  • Belayers must be anchored adequately to safely handle the weight of a falling climber.
  • Each semester, all participants must demonstrate proper technique of belaying/top roping and pass the belay test prior to using the wall.
  • Belayers will be given a warning the first time they are caught belaying incorrectly.  A subsequent occurrence could require the belayer to retake the “belaying test”. 
  • Proper climbing commands must be used both before and while climbing.  These commands are imperative to the safety of the climber, the belayer, and the other patrons. 
  • Never stand on the rope at any time.  This can be dangerous for both the climber and the belayer and it can damage the rope. 
  • Belayers must remain standing at all times; belaying from a seated position is prohibited.
  • Floor anchors must be used.