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Campus Recreation
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West Chester, PA 19383
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Mission Statement

The purpose of the West Chester University RAM Group Fitness Program is to serve the fitness needs of the entire West Chester campus community by offering safe, effective, and motivational group fitness programs. We strive to develop the expertise and professionalism of our fitness instructors who will take away practical skills and experiences as a result of being a leader in our program. Our goal is to provide students with knowledgeable fitness instructors who obtain recognized certifications outside of West Chester University. We strive to provide participants with a positive fitness experience that will become part of a life changing habit of health.

Learning Outcomes:

Through taking RAM Group Fitness classes, participants will be able to demonstrate safe and effective exercises.

Participants will be able to explain the importance of class time routines such as the warm up, cool down, and stretch.

Participants will be able to determine their personal physical exertion boundaries and limitations.