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WCU Sports Club Council


The WCU Sports Club Council (SCC) was established in 1992 in order to have all clubs come together as a unified body and demonstrate their willingness to be recognized and registered in our WCU Student Government Association (SGA). It was designed with the sole purpose to promote mentoring, advisement, and student engagement. The elected Executive Board consists of executive board members of registered clubs.

The SCC presides over all WCU Sports Clubs and acts as a liaison to the Sport Club Council Advisor (Director of Campus Recreation) to ensure all SGA, Student Services, Inc (SSI) financial sources, and applicable regulations are maintained. Each specific Sports Club Advisor, as well as their coaches, works closely with the SCC Advisor to make sure all University regulations are maintained.

The Sports Clubs which are competitive, instructional, and recreational in nature are also unique in the very fact that they are initiated, organized, managed, and funded by students. Through this format, participating students have the opportunity to acquire skills such as leadership, organization, management, and fiscal responsibility.

A few years back the Student Government Association enacted a policy that if there is an intercollegiate sport already established, then the SGA would not support a sport club in the same activity.  There are six clubs, which are also intercollegiate sports, that were "grandfathered" in before the decision was made.  These clubs are women's field hockey, women's lacrosse, men's soccer, women's soccer, swimming, and women's volleyball. Before you decide to form a new sport club at WCU, please check the intercollegiate teams listed on the Athletic website.