Center for Trans and Queer Advocacy Mission Statement

The Center for Trans and Queer Advocacy strives to be a catalyst in enhancing the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, non-binary, queer, questioning, agender, asexual, aromantic, and intersex students, staff, and faculty at West Chester University and beyond. While we explicitly name specific identities, we support all people within LGBTQIA+ communities and in our efforts to move from allyship to advocacy, we invite all WCU community members to actively engage in exploration and education around the intersections of gender, sexuality, and other social identities. Through visibility, outreach, programming, education, and community building, we work collectively to create an environment where trans and queer people feel supported and validated. We celebrate trans and queer identities through our values of intersectionality, social justice, advocacy, and wholistic wellness, and we encourage all people to hold themselves accountable and actively work towards a more equitable society. 
Learn more about the name change for the Center for Trans and Queer Advocacy.

Trans & Queer News at WCU 


Photos from Lavender Graduation, Spring 2019

Lavender Graduation graduate and undergraduate class of 2019


staff attending Lavender Graduation
Lavender Graduation room overview


Lavender Graduation welcome table with graduate intern
Lavender Graduation spoken word performer


Lavender Graduation 2019-2020 Baker scholarship winners
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