How do I...?

Contact my advisor

How to find advisor email & phone number (link Who is my advisor?)

How to find advisor through Navigate

Register for classes

Enrollment date

Advisor appointment

Remove holds so I can register for classes

Change my major

What if I have no major? (link instructions to enroll in Pre-major Advising/UC)

Add or drop a minor

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Take time off and re-enter WCU

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Find out about General Education Pathways

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Ask for academic forgiveness

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Tell the university/professors I may be absent for 3 or more classes

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Take care of a “No Grade (NG)”

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Get a copy of my transcript

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Take my math placement exam (ALEKS)

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Take my writing placement exam (WRITE Survey)

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Deal with Academic Probation

(link to probation and dismissal page)

Pay my bills




See my grades


Find my college?

What do I do if I am failing a course or a semester?

Speak to professor

  • Office hours
  • How to contact professors

Speak with advisor

Find help/tutoring

  • LARC
    • Tutors
    • Academic Success Coaching
  • Math tutoring
  • Writing support
  • Support for disabilities

Drop or withdraw from a course

Withdraw from a semester

Other help/campus Resources
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