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Political Science Internships

LOOKING FOR AN INTERNSHIP in Political Science? This link connects you to a growing database of the offices where PSC Department students have been interns, for prospective interns to use in locating a good placement, or to be able to ask past students for feedback about different placements.

QUESTIONS? Or READY TO SIGN UP?  The Directors of the Political Science Department Internship Program are: Dr. John Kennedy, (;  610-436-2701) ; and Dr. Linda Stevenson (; 610-436-3162.

A full listing of internships which students can apply for can be found here

The internship contract can be found here

Internships in Political Science - or any discipline for that matter - are increasingly important for students to gain practical experience in a related professional field. Internships can allow you to "test-drive" a career path that interests you most - and/or allow you to figure out paths that are not as good a fit for you as you might have thought. This can help you make better decisions if you want to make a major investment in your post-graduate education, such as attending law school or a graduate program. Furthermore, the experience can help you build professional and personal contacts in your field, and develop more specialized skills employers are seeking, potentially letting you get your foot in the door with major companies or influential organizations. And ultimately, the basic fact is that more and more employers are hiring their interns as full-time employees after graduation.

At West Chester University, the Political Science Department has a long tradition of placing interns in local law and non-profit offices, as well as with state legislators. More recently, students are also obtaining placements in Philadelphia, in Washington D.C. and internationally.

The Department is part of several ongoing semester-long Internship and Study programs in Harrisburg and Washington D.C.

The Harrisburg Internship Semester (THIS) program is competitive and offered to one exceptional WCU student each Fall or Spring semester. The program takes place in Harrisburg, with other students from each of the 14 PASSHE colleges and universities. All students participate in a seminar, which includes meetings with many important legislators, the Governor, judicial officials, agency representatives, among other from the Pennsylvania state government. Each student selects a research topic and writes a substantial research paper, often incorporating up-to-the-minute information from the seminar speakers on the issue as it unfolds. And of course, each student is placed with a state government office, where they will serve as an intern for 4 months.

The applications for THIS are announced at the beginning of each academic year, with the deadline in early October.

For more information on the THIS program, see:

The Washington Center (TWC) is West Chester's partner institution for students interested in national and international-level politics placements in Washington D.C. in the Fall and Spring semesters, as well as for Summer internships, and January short-term programs. This program features a seminar with many different political leaders, a research paper and placement in an internship. TWC also has living facilities for students in the city. Other programs offered by TWC which are elaborated further on their website include:

  • Presidential Election Year Republican and Democratic National Convention programs
  • In January, a two-week "Camp David" Simulation, to learn about issues in the Middle East

Locally, the WCU Political Science Department has an ongoing internship with the Mayor of the Borough of West Chester, and with the Chester County Commissioners' offices. Each semester the PSC Department seeks applications for the Mayoral Internship. Here is the application: LINK COMING SOON