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Undergraduate Degree Requirements

In the Department of Political Science, we recognize that many entering undergraduates are not sure of what major they wish to pursue. For this reason, we try to keep the student's first year program of study largely focused on General Education courses and several introductory core Political Science courses. This is beneficial since if the student should decide to switch majors he or she will find it easier to do so. The first semester student, therefore, ordinarily takes only one Political Science course:  PSC 100, United States Government.   Each subsequent semester, the emphasis on Political Science becomes more intense.   Each of the BA programs in Political Science all feature a common "core" to make it easier for students to move from one to the other, at least until the sophomore year.   A first year student’s schedule might typically look like this:


Semester I

Semester II

First Year:
-Gen. Ed. focus;
-PSC core courses

1) WRT 120
2) MAT 103
3) PSC 100
4)Foreign Language (FLG)101
5) Gen Ed

1)WRT 200-level
2) SPK 208 or 230
3) PSC 200
4) FLG 102
5) Gen Ed

For a complete four-year map of the general education and political science coursework, Guidance Sheet and Program Map.

Core course requirements introduce students to the broad array of subfields in the discipline of Political Science. These include: US Government, Research Methods, International Relations, Political Philosophy, Comparative Politics, and Public Administration. All students are required to take a senior-level writing seminar (PSC 401).   Upper-level Political Science courses (300-level) vary depending on which concentration you pursue.   General Education requirements introduce students to distributed array of academic fields such as the social sciences, humanities, arts, and natural sciences.  Students must also complete a foundation of academic courses in English Composition, Math, Public Speaking, and specialized courses on Diversity and Interdisciplinary studies.   A complete check list of the general education and political science requirements, our Advisement Sheet, can be found ( click here)

The B.A. programs have been revised for those students entering after Fall 2012.  Students who have entered before that date should consult with their advisors to determine which requirements from the old programs they may need to meet.

Students should also consult the University’s catalogue for a complete detailing of all university requirements for a degree seeking student: See link to university catalogue