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Undergraduate Fast Track Program

5-year Program Completion Template for B.A. in Political Science and M.P.A.

Overview of the Program:

  • Complete the B.A. in Political Science with a total of 126 undergraduate credits
  • Maintain at least a 3.0 in the major
  • Complete 12 credits (two courses during each summer session) of graduate coursework in the summer after you finish your B.A.
  • Complete 9-12 credits per semester for one academic year to earn your MPA
  • At the end of five years, you will have both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree

Details of the Process:
The following template is intended to aid in planning a course completion sequence for those students intending to pursue both a BA in Political Science and an MPA at WCU only.  For other graduate school plans, please see your departmental advisor.

The advising sheet already in place for the department should be used to plan the first three years of your undergraduate degree.  During your senior year, however, you will begin taking two graduate courses under the advisement of the MPA Director.  Please note that you can still pursue a minor, a double minor, or even a double major under this plan since there are numerous slots for electives.  You can also take 3-15 credits of internship under this plan.  The only significant difference compared to the regular BA is that you will complete six additional credits.   

Six credits of graduate courses may be taken for undergraduate credit.  Upon completion of your Bachelor’s degree, these course requirements will be waived when you begin the MPA program.  These credits must be earned as undergraduate credits in addition to the 120 credits you earn for a Political Science degree.  You will need to complete 126 credits by the time you graduate in order to complete the program in five years.

In order to complete the 126 credits for your BA, you need to complete 15 credits per semester for 6 semesters and 18 credits per semester for 2 semesters.  Alternatively, you can take 2 summer courses so that you only have 15 credits per semester for all semesters.

The following template demonstrates how you can complete the program and earn both degrees in five years.  There are many other options you can pursue in terms of electives and general education courses, this is merely a template to demonstrate the distribution of credits.  The MPA Director can help you select specific electives and courses that will help you complete your program.

5-year Program Course Sequence Template (BA in Political Science and MPA)
General Concentration (Human Resources and Nonprofit Administration concentrations are also available)

First year, Fall (15 credits)
WRT 120                                           
MAT 103 or higher
Science gen ed course
Foreign Language 101
PSC 100

Second year, Fall (15 credits)
Science gen ed course                        
HIS 150, 151, or 152
ECO 101, 111, or 112
Foreign Language 201 or CC
PSC 213 (I)

Third year, Fall (18 credits)
Culture cluster (if needed)                 
PSC American or Behavioral elective
PSC elective
W course
PSC elective/free elective/minor course
PSC elective/free elective/minor course

Fourth year, Fall (15 credits)
W course if needed                            
Internship if desired or electives


Fourth year, Summer I (6 credits)
PPA 501
PPA 505

Fifth year, Fall (9 credits)
PPA 502
PPA 504
PPA 601

First year, Spring (15 credits)
WRT 200-220
SPK 208 or 230
GEO 101 or 103
Foreign Language 102
PSC 200

Second year, Spring (15 credits)
Diversity “J” course                           
Humanities gen ed (PHI or LIT)
Foreign Language 202 or CC
PSC 202
PSC 230

Third year, Spring (18 credits)
PSC Comparative elective                 
PSC elective
W course
PSC elective/free elective/minor course
PSC elective/free elective/minor course
PSC elective/free elective/minor course

Fourth year, Spring (15 credits)
PSC 400, 401, or 402                         
PPA 500 (graduate course)
PPA 512 (graduate course)

Fourth year, Summer II (6 credits)
PPA 503
PPA 511

Fifth year, Spring (12 credits)    
PPA 513
PPA 514
PPA 510
PPA 600