Department of Political Science

West Chester University

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Tara Easterling
205 Ruby Jones Hall

Undergraduate Academic Programs

Housed in the College of Business and Public Affairs (CBPA),  the Department of Political Science has historically been one of the most popular liberal arts majors because it is useful in a wide variety of postgraduate careers. Changes in technology, in telecommunications, in transportation, in social institutions and political structures, as well as demographic changes will continue to transform the careers of public officials, government workers, lawyers, diplomats, teachers, nonprofit advocates, businessmen/women, and consultants.   Such changes pose a number of challenges for today's graduates.  The Department of Political Science offers a diversity of degree programs--some more general and others more specific – that can meet those challenges.

The four undergraduate degree options that we offer are as follows:

Our  Bachelor of Arts degree, general concentration,  is the most popular "track" in our department. This allows the greatest flexibility and is probably the one best suited to students planning to continue graduate studies in political science (unless they plan to emphasize international relations or public administration) and law school. The general concentration prepares students for careers a number of areas, including advocacy, journalism, politics, business, public opinion and survey research, government service, and military service.

Our Bachelor of Arts degree with a concentration in Applied Public Policy, although it is a liberal arts degree, is designed for students who are fairly certain they wish to seek a career analyzing public policy, working in government, or bringing their practical computer and survey skills to the government or business world.  

Our Bachelor of Arts degree with a concentration in International Relations prepares students for a profession in the globalized 21st century.   In the International Relations track of the Department of Political Science, students develop the knowledge-based, language, and professional skills necessary to participate effectively in this increasingly interdependent world.

The Bachelor of Arts, Certificate in Citizenship Education,  prepares students to teach social studies at the secondary education level. The highly specialized program includes course work in all major fields of social studies as well as time spent in the field student teaching. The tests and procedures necessary for obtaining state certification are part of the program so that upon successful completion students are certified by the state of Pennsylvania to teach social studies at the secondary education level.

Students in this major have an academic advisor from the Political Science Department as well as a professional advisor from the School of Education. Students in this major should plan carefully their academic programs with both of their advisors in order to complete the courses necessary to student teach in their senior year. It is important to note that an overall GPA of 2.8 is needed to apply for student teaching in the state of Pennsylvania.