How to Apply

For Graduate Students

We are now accepting applications for graduate assistantships. Please use this form to apply.

Scroll down for more information about assistantships. To work in the writing center, you need to take ENG 600 in the fall semester.

For Undergraduates

Undergraduate students interested in tutoring in the writing center as an hourly-wage worker should register for ENG 397. This course is part of the writings track in the English major. For non-English-majors, it fulfills an upper-division writing emphasis requirement. If you have questions about the course, please contact Margaret Ervin

Scroll down for more information.


About Graduate Student Writing Tutors

We are pleased to have graduate students from diverse academic disciplines working as tutors in the writing center. In recent years, we have had representatives of the graduate programs in not only English but also Communication, Social Work, Public Health, Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL), Geography, Psychology, Philosophy, and Counseling. This variety of backgrounds and disciplines underscores our mission to serve students, faculty, and staff from across campus. 

About ENG 600

This course is a practicum for tutoring. Graduate assistants take ENG 600 (3 credits) during their first fall semester tutoring in the writing center. Occasionally, graduate students who have taken ENG 600 in the fall but are not tutors are selected to tutor in the spring semester. Please contact Writing Center Director, Margaret Ervin for information about availability of spring-semester assistantships.

Course Content:

  • Observations
  • Observation journals
  • Readings in writing center theory from key journals in the field
  • Midterm exam on the readings
  • Research paper
  • Final take-home exam

About Undergraduate Student Writing Tutors

We welcome undergraduate students from all academic disciplines as tutors in the writing center. Successful completion of ENG 397, Tutoring Writing, makes undergrads eligible to apply for the following semester.

ENG 397 is taught as a combined course with ENG 600. Grading criteria for ENG 397 are different, but the course content and assignments are the same. ENG 397. ENG 397 is a writing emphasis course.

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