Council for Diversity, Inclusion and Academic Excellence

The Council for Diversity, Inclusion, & Academic Excellence was formed in fall 2013 through the WCU Strategic Plan, Building on Excellence, and was charged with the assessment of the University’s progress toward its diversity and inclusion goals and to develop a plan to advance its progress to improve the campus climate in these areas.  The Council was charged with the following tasks:

  1. Inventory and data collection of diversity efforts, programs and initiatives.  This would involve a review of resources and personnel dedicated to offices and committees that support diverse and historically marginalized populations; programming; employee data related to recruitment and retention, and data on student diversity related to recruitment and retention. 
  2. Identify gaps in the ongoing diversity and inclusion work, identify successful initiatives and identify areas that require additional institutional support. 
  3. Launch an updated Campus Climate Survey in 2015-2016. 
  4. Review data from the Campus Climate Survey and make recommendations regarding steps toward advancing diversity and inclusion goals to benefit all members of the University community to President’s Cabinet. 

The Council will fulfill its purpose though the following objectives:

  • Provide campus leadership with the integration and coordination of WCU diversity-related initiatives into all aspects of University life and in maximizing the visibility and support of diverse faculty, staff, students and administration.
  • Provide Council-sponsored recommendations to the President and Cabinet on issues affecting campus climate related to diversity and inclusion. 
  • Advise the President and Cabinet on diversity and inclusion issues across the divisions and in other informal ways, as requested. 
  • Development of diversity goals and objectives and a University-wide plan to operationalize the goals and objectives. 
  • Provide input for the assessment and re-alignment of the diversity goals within the strategic plan.

View the bylaws for the Council for Diversity, Inclusion and Academic Excellence.

View the list of the current members of the Council for Diversity, Inclusion and Academic 


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