Advertising & Recruitment Activities

Advertising involves announcing the vacancy in various media to attract the attention of potentially qualified applicants. 

Recruitment involves actively identifying and seeking qualified professionals. Recruitment may involve targets that are passive and not actively seeking new jobs.  

Advertising Activities

  • Advertise in newspapers (e.g., local, regional, and national).
  • List in journals and professional publications (e.g., Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Ed).ADvertising
  • Post in minority publications (e.g., Diverse: Issues in Higher Education).
  • Use electronic job boards (e.g.,,, etc.).
  • Use outlets sponsored by professional associations (e.g., job boards and listservs).
  • Identify and publish in non-traditional publications (e.g., newsletters, fliers, conference programs, electronic magazines, etc.).
  • Post vacancies on internal bulletin boards.
  • Announce and advertise internally (e.g., newsletters, memos, emails)
  • Post at conferences and other professional events.
  • Use radio, TV, and Social media (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn) outlets. 

Recruitment Activities

  • Network with colleagues, friends, associates
  • Make deliberate efforts to reach to colleagues from different backgrounds then your own.Recruitment
  • Ask for referrals from co-workers, etc.
  • Post position announcements at conferences, job fairs, public bulletin board of target populations.
  • Send to local chapters of professional associations.
  • Seek nominations from others.
  • Search NeoGov for past applicants.
  • Develop relationships with minority organizations to encourage referrals from them.
  • Obtain lists and mail letters to members of professional associations.
  • Develop sourcing pipeline programs to cultivate future applicants.
  • Place position announcements on professional association listserv that are free for members.
  • Seek names from other colleagues or leaders, as appropriate.
  • Recruit from other colleges and universities.
  • Recruit from minority organizations that serve professionals in your targeted field.




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