Making the Offer

At the conclusion of the entire interview process, the search committee should meet to reach agreement on a recommended list of finalists for the position.  Rather than using strict numerical rankings, the ODEI suggests utilizing qualitative statements based on job-related criteria in conveying selection recommendations.  Minutes from the search committee meetings should reflect the rationale for all recommendations made.  The search committee’s decisions, with supporting documentation, should then be transmitted to the Hiring Manager. 

In turn, the Hiring Manager should advise the search committee of the final selection decision. The search committee chair or designee should notify, in writing, all applicants who were interviewed that another candidate was selected.

A hiring proposal must be submitted and approved prior to extending the offer to the selected candidate. The hiring manager or department head will make the offer to the candidate.  Be sure that the proposed pay level, rank, and academic and/or administrative support for a woman or underrepresented person is no less than they would be for a comparable majority appointment.  In addition, the hiring manager should make sure unsuccessful candidates have been notified prior to public announcements of an appointment.  Official, timely notification to internal candidates is especially important.

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