Stage Three: On Campus Interviews & Selecting Finalists Interview

When Human Resources approves the list of people selected for campus interviews, ask the support person for the search to call and schedule campus interviews for the candidates selected and print a copy of the following:

  1. Employment Application submitted in NeoGov
  2. Essential Functions Identification Form
  3. Job Description

The Search Chair leads all campus interviews and tours. Provide each candidate with a copy of the documents listed above and give them time to review each before the interview begins. 

Have each candidate sign her/his Employment Application. Also have each candidate sign the Essential Functions Identification Form as the interviewee (not as the incumbent). Collect the signed forms and keep them along with all interview notes in a safe place. Now, you should ask each candidate for approval to contact her/his references if they are the recommended candidate. 

Please remind search committee members to use the approved interview questions and keep track of any notes they take for each approved candidate (Once again, these and all search notes will need to be returned to you when a candidate is recommended for hire).

When the campus interviews are completed, schedule and lead another search committee meeting.

Meeting after the On-Campus Interviews:

Determine as a search committee which interviewed candidate(s) to recommend for hire.

Identify the references to call for the recommended candidate(s). The search committee needs to speak with three references for each candidate recommended. One of the three references should be the candidate’s current supervisor; if the candidate indicates that s/he does not want the committee calling the current supervisor, the committee can talk with a previous supervisor.

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