Pathways to Student Success (Strategic Plan) - Diversity and Inclusion Priority Team


Diversity and inclusion demonstrate the ability to welcome a variety of voices, personal experiences, and world views that foster thought, continual dialogue, and change through the intentional, active and recurring engagement of others to address equity, social justice, and diversity challenges. Cultural Competence refers to one’s journey along a continuum and goes beyond awareness to include skill-building.

Strategic Goal 1: [Learn It] Increase Self-awareness

Create and enhance opportunities to build self-awareness, knowledge and skills to interact effectively with aspects of diversity, inclusion, culture and global differences.

Through this goal individuals should create an environment where they will be challenged to examine themselves and participate in new opportunities to build areas of personal cultural competence.

Goal 2 [Live It]: Promote Inclusive Environment

Promote a welcoming and inclusive university environment by demonstrating a commitment to the principles of diversity and inclusion in all interactions.


For complete details on the outcomes and initiatives associated with these goals visit the Pathways to Student Success homepage.  


Strategic Planning Committee Members:

Dr. Tracey Robinson, Committee Tri-Chair, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Dr. Gerald Martin, Committee Tri-Chair, Assistant Vice President for Student Life/Dean of Students

Dr. Heather Schugar, Committee Tri-Chair, Professor of Literacy

Dr. Zeinab Baba (Zee) - Professor of Health

Justin L. Brown - Assistant Director of Residence Life and Housing

Richard Chan - Assistant Director of IT Infrastructure Systems and Cloud Services

Hasaan Gomes - Graduate Student

Tiffany Gray - Senior Director, Center for Trans and Queer Advocacy

LaTisha Griffin - Support Specialist, Learning Management Systems

Dr. Tammy Hilliard-Thompson - Assistant Director, Office of Student Conduct

Dr. Jacqueline "Jackie" Hodes - Professor and Coordinator of Higher Education Policy and Student Affairs Graduate Program

Dr. Dametraus Jaggers - Senior Director, Lawrence A. Dowdy Multicultural Center

Craig Johnson - SGA, Diversity-Multicultural Student Representative

Lynn Klingensmith Esq., - Director for Equity and Compliance Officer, Office for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Dr. Lisa Marano - Professor of Mathematics

Trixia Santiago - Financial Systems Manager, Accounting and Financial Reporting

Dia Taliaferro - Graduate Student

Dr. Chiwoneso Tinago - Professor of Health

Ana Velazquez - Administrative Assistant, Chief of Public Safety 

Dr. Desha Williams - Dean, College of Education and Social Work

Dr. Susan Wysor Nguema - Professor Social Work



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