Advice from a Recent WCU Grad

By Melissa Roth, Class of 2020
August 19, 2020

Hi all prospective students and families! Melissa Roth

Welcome to West Chester University! As a recent graduate myself, I have seen how these four years as a Golden Ram have really helped shape me into the person I am today through the tremendous support from family, friends, and professors. West Chester University has a lot to offer personally and professionally through a various number of majors, clubs/organizations, and a community that strives to form relationships with the students on this campus and work together to make change in the world. While this may not have been what you expected, this will certainly be a memorable school year as you start your college career using Remote Instruction this Fall. To help guide you through this next year as well as years to follow, here are five pieces of advice I have gained over the years.

  1. Get involved! (Whether it is clubs/organizations, volunteering for the community through projects you can do at home, or getting to know the people on your campus through Zoom calls, online trivia nights, etc.)
  2. Use the resources WCU offers including the ones offered online through virtual instruction.
  3. Manage your time for academics, but also know when it is time for you to take a break.
  4. It is okay to ask for help and/or guidance. Whether you talk to professors, mentors, peers, or friends, always know that there is someone who will be there for you in person and virtually using Zoom.
  5. As I have been told by my professor, Dr. Dean, “The greatest gift you have is time!” It is about how you spend your time that makes it worthwhile.

West Chester University is a place I could call my second home for four years and I wish you all the best as you go into this new chapter of your lives. Go Rams!


Melissa Roth is a recent graduate of WCU's Honors College. As a teacher, she is passionate about empowering children and teaching them the life skills to be amazing leaders in our society. 

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