WCU Is Common-App-Exclusive For First Year Applicants

Big news!

We know you’re especially pressed for time this year and applying to college can be overwhelming—that’s why we’re pleased to announce that for Fall 2021 first year applicants we will be going Common-App-exclusive.

What does this mean?

All first year applicants will apply through the Common App as opposed to previous years where applicants had to choose to apply through either the WCU website application or the Common App.


Does this apply to transfer applicants?

No, all transfer applicants will still have the choice between using our WCU website application or the Common App. There is no difference in admissions consideration based on the application used.


Why did you make this decision?

We are always looking for ways to improve and streamline the admissions process. With the move to Common-App-exclusive applications for prospective first year students for Fall 2021, we hope to make the process of applying easier and clearer for our prospective Golden Rams.


To apply, just log onto the Common App and get started!

And don’t forget: For first year applicants to Fall 2021, we are also test-optional!

We can’t wait to read your application.Apply Now Balloons


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