Accessible Transportation for Mobility-Impaired Students

West Chester University provides an Accessible Bus for transportation around campus for people with mobility impairments. Students may utilize this bus whether their mobility issues are permanent or temporary.

  • The bus is equipped with a wheelchair lift
  • Transportation is provided to and from most campus buildings and parking lots
  • Off campus locations cannot be accommodated
  • Service is available during the same hours as the fixed route shuttle buses

In order to qualify for this service, contact the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities at 610-436-3217 in Lawrence 223 or the Student Health Center at 610-436-2509 in in Commonwealth Hall. Either office can grant eligibility for the bus.

  • Once eligible, riders can login to the system using their current WCU username and password
  • Ride requests can either be Recurring (for regularly scheduled classes over a period of time) or One Time (for a specific purpose)
  • Requests must be made at least 24 hours in advance
  • The Transportation office will notify the requester with confirmation
  • All riders must read the Accessible Bus Policy

Contact the Transportation office at 610-436-1053 or 610-436-3155 for assistance. Our email address is


What transportation service is available for the mobility impaired?

An accessible bus containing a wheelchair lift is available for mobility-impaired students. This service is provided through the University's shuttle bus contract with the Krapf Bus Company. The bus operates to and from on campus locations only.

Who is eligible to use this service?

This includes students who are not able to utilize the fixed-route shuttle bus system on campus because of permanent or temporary mobility impairments as qualified by the Office of Services For Students With Disabilities or Student Health Services.

When is the service available?

The service is available anytime the regular shuttle bus is running during the Fall and Spring Semesters. Generally, shuttle buses operate on class days (Monday through Friday) from 7:15am to 2:15 am, and on weekends from 10:00am to 2:15 am. For more details see our Services and Schedules page.

Typically, the bus will pick you up approximately 30 minutes before the beginning of your class or appointment. After your class or appointment, the bus will pick you up at a designated time which will be approximately 20 minutes after the conclusion of your class or appointment.

Your cell phone or other contact phone number should be provided on the request form so that the driver can contact you and pinpoint your location.

Where will I get on the bus, and where will the bus take me?

The accessible bus features portal-to-portal service. The bus will pick you up at any campus building with street access or specifically-designated pickup point. Note: For Allegheny and Brandywine Halls, the suggested pickup point is the parking lot behind Killinger Hall. For University Hall, the suggested pickup point is on South New Street near Commonwealth Hall.

The accessible bus service is intended to provide comparable service to the regular shuttle bus by transporting students with mobility impairments between North, South, and East Campus to buildings along the route of the regular shuttle bus.

What if I need transportation to locations off campus?

For off campus transportation, Chester County operates Para transit services. They can be reached at Rover Community Transportation toll free at 1-877-873-8415. Fixed route buses are operated by SEPTA.

What do I need to do to begin using this service?

You must contact the Office of Services For Students With Disabilities at 610-436-2564 or Student Health Services at 610-436-2509 to be qualified as eligible to use the accessible bus service. They will add your name to the list of eligible students.

How do I actually schedule a pick up?

Please fill out and submit one of the the Accessible Shuttle Bus Request Forms. This will automatically forward your request to the Facilities Transportation Office. They will send you a confirmation that your request has been scheduled.

For transportation to regularly-scheduled classes, you are encouraged to submit the request form a week prior to the beginning of the semester so that all pickup services can be coordinated in advance.

Please submit a separate request form for your final exam as that is likely to be scheduled at a different time.

In the event you need to schedule transportation for a special appointment, activity, or change in class schedule, the request form should be submitted at least 24 hours in advance.

What if my plans change after I submit the request?

If you have a pickup scheduled and your plans change so that you will not be using the bus at the scheduled time, submit a new request form containing the cancellation information.

The Facilities Office is open from 7:00-3:00 weekdays.

  • DO NOT LEAVE A MESSAGE, PLEASE TALK DIRECTLY TO A PERSON. f you fail to do so, you will be obligated to call in advance for all future pickups.

Who do I contact if there is a problem with the service?

If you are not picked up within 15 minutes of the scheduled time, there may be a mix up in the pickup location. Call the Facilities Office at 610-436-1053 between the hours of 7:00-3:00 weekdays or after hours call the Public Safety Dispatcher at 610-436-3311 to re-direct the service.

For inquiries and assistance with the services, please contact the Facilities Office at 610-436-1053 or email

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