Other Fees

Distance Ed Access Fee

Students enrolled in any Distance Education course will be charged a Distance Ed Access Fee worth up to 15% of the tuition for that course.

International Student Service Fee

This $75 per semester fee applies to all inbound international students, to support compliance with the requirements of the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS).

New Student Fee

The new student fee covers all the costs associated with the orientation program including staffing, meals, business expenses, materials, presenters, and student ID cards. This one-time fee will appear on the student's first semester bill.

Inclusive Access Book Fees

Inclusive Access is a collaboration between the professor, WCU Campus Store, and the publisher of your course materials.  This was created to provide you with the least expensive way to purchase your materials, combined with the convenience of charging the materials to your WCU account.  The course materials your professor has chosen are delivered directly to you in a digital format through D2L, so there is no need to purchase a textbook.  For more information visit:  Campus Bookstore.

Late Fees

A $50 Late fee may be charged for any payment received after the initial Due Date.

Graduation Fee

The University charges $99 to all students enrolled in a degree program who will have fulfilled their degree requirements by the end of the semester. The fee is paid after the student applies for graduation via their myWCU account and is approved for graduation. The graduation fee covers the cost of the diploma, diploma cover, cap, gown, hood and tassel, and programs for the graduation ceremony.