The Center is comitted to student success and we are proud to feature the following student led projects!

Womxn Illuminated 

My name is Abriana Gonzalez and I am the proud founder of Womxn Illuminated.

Womxn Illuminated is a graduation project come to life. My time at West Chester University has been stuffed to the brim with amazing memories and race based hardship. Though I enjoyed my time at the school I found it can be very isolating being a womxn of color at a predominately white institution. I felt there weren’t a lot of people that looked like me in leadership positions and it felt odd to achieve. It felt like I was alone and stepping out of bounds by wanting something greater for myself. Womxn Illuminated stands as a platform for womxn of color like myself to find more representation, visibility, and leadership opportunities on and around West Chester University.

Womxn Illuminated means more than just a graduation project for me, this is my life. I got sick and tired of strangers coming up to me and trying to put me into a put once they found out my race. I was sick and tired of feeling ashamed and judged and not being believed once people found out I was a proud black woman. After one particularly rough racial encounter at school I vented to my friends and realized there wasn’t really anyone “in charge” I could talk about my issues to. I wanted to create a space--a platform--not just for black womxn, but for all womxn of color. I wanted the space I created to stand for something larger than itself; I wanted the space to exist free from internalized oppression and colorism and xenophobia--I wanted it to be safe for womxn of color where no one would ask, “so, what are you” and cling to the harmful ideologies of stereotypes. So I decided to do something about it.

Enter Womxn Illuminated: 


More projects will be coming soon!

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