PeopleSoft 9.2 Upgrade

Project Summary

Our Oracle partners have upgraded a copy of our myWCU to Campus Solution version 9.2 and re-applied many of the WCU customizations. This 9.2 upgrade establishes a better foundation and an improved user interface. Going forward, it provides ongoing behind-the-scenes software support by Oracle and will help maintain a more stable system environment.

Preparing for Go-Live

Preparing for Go-Live

Preparing for myWCU Upgrade Checklist

Post Go-Live Support

Academic & Enterprise Systems is hosting open session/Q&A zoom rooms regarding the myWCU 9.2 upgrade available Tuesday, September 22nd – Wednesday, September 23 from 8AM – 4PM.

To join, email Tiffany Marsilio at for the zoom information.

myWCU Post Go-Live Checklist


March 2020 User Interface

AES worked to develop the new user interface and navigation collections.

April 2020 Initial Upgrade

AES worked with our Oracle partner to upgrade our copy of myWCU.

May 2020 Unit Testing

During this time AES completed initial unit testing.

June & July 2020 Beta Testing

Functional users across campus will need to test all system functionalities to ensure they are working as needed.

August 2020 Go-Live Preparation and End User Training

AES will coordinate user training for end users.

Functional offices will validate any final fixes, document internal processes, and finish staff training.

Thursday, September 17th at
8 pm

myWCU will go offline and the upgrade will begin.

Friday, September 18th at
8 am

QAS will be available – this is an information only database accessible to faculty and staff during the upgrade.

Saturday, September 19th Go-Live

Academic and Enterprise Systems will complete alpha testing of myWCU upgrade.

Sunday, September 20 – Monday, September 21st Go-Live

Functional offices will complete beta testing of myWCU upgrade.

Tuesday, September 22nd by
8 am

myWCU will be back online.


In preparation for Student Information Systems' Oracle 9.2 upgrade, the AES team has developed a series of job aids on the new system.

These job aids are designed to help administrative staff navigate the new system and become familiar with the new look and feel of the system.

Video: Jump Start 9-2 Intro




Videoholder screenshot


Video: Student Intro to My WCU


Video: 9-2 Demo on Mobile Device




How do I access the myWCU training environment?

Use your network Username and password to log into:

This environment can be used to familiarize yourself with myWCU version 9.2 and practice executing the functions you normally perform prior to Go Live

How do I request access to the myWCU 9.2 test environment?

Please email Danielle Zimmerman,, to request access to the 9.2 test environment.

How do I report a problem?

Use the current Issue/Service Request service on Academic & Enterprise Systems site to report any issues you find in testing.

Will there be training available?

The 9.2 version has a different look and feel compared to the existing myWCU environment. The design and layout is an area we are continuing to refine. This Jumpstart 9.2 Intro video gives you a preview of the design and helps give you the basics of navigating the system.

We have scheduled 2 open session/Q&A zoom rooms, below are the details. To join, email Tiffany Marsilio at for the zoom information.

Wednesday, September 16th 3-4 pm

Friday, September 18th 9-10 am

What exactly is the 9.2 PeopleSoft Campus Solution Upgrade?

West Chester University utilizes an Oracle product, PeopleSoft Campus Solution (CS), for its student information system, known on campus as myWCU. It requires periodic updates to address issues, regulatory requirements, and customer needs and wants, the PeopleSoft CS version 9.0 will undergo an upgrade to version 9.2.

Why is the upgrade necessary?

Our current version (9.0) will no longer be supported by Oracle; the upgrade to 9.2 ensures that we continue to receive the latest regulatory updates to our system.

What are the most important changes that can be expected?

The most significant and noticeable change with the upgrade will be the visual layout and navigation. Users will be utilizing Tiles, to access functions.  In preparation for a mobile environment, PeopleSoft CS 9.2 introduces the use of tiles for key components instead of the folders and files, which we see today.

Will myWCU function differently?

Most features and functionality will remain the same.

What are the most important points to keep in mind as I learn to navigate myWCU 9.2?

We recognize the change can be challenging. You will be primarily using the Tile Navigation for moving around the system.  If you are unable to locate a form/function via this method, we suggest using the search feature and Compass icon, which launches the navigation bar.

What are Tiles?

When you log in, you will see the homepage with tiles. These are configured based on your role (Faculty, Staff or Student).  This is an example of the tiles a Student would see on their homepage.  This tile display is based on accessing the system via a laptop or desktop computer. Accessing applications through a mobile device may change the layout/order of the tiles.

Screenshot of tile icons

Why do I have more than one homepage?

You may have more than one homepage if you serve in multiple roles. For example, if you are a faculty member and also a staff member, you will have a faculty homepage and a staff homepage. This makes it quick and easy to locate content and perform functions specific to each of your roles.

How do I access my other homepages?

Click the Home icon to access the homepage & then click the dropdown list to view other homepages available to you.

Can I customize my Tile display?  

No, the tile locations will be locked and the tiles visible will be based on your role.

How do I use the Icons on the main screen on the top right side of the screen when I first logon?

Below is a legend for the tools you see on the top right side of the screen:

Icon bar

Icon Description
Home icon Home icon - Select to return to the Homepage with tiles.
Search icon Search icon - Select to search. 
3 dots icon Snowman icon - Select to see a list of available actions for the current window. The Sign Out command is available under this menu.
Compass Icon Compass icon - Select to use the Navigation Bar (Nav Bar). The Nav Bar provides handy navigation options such as Recent Places, My Favorites, and Navigator (which expands to show the classic menu hierarchy).


What is the Navigator?

The Navigator displays the traditional, hierarchical menu structure, similar to what the user would see when accessing the Main Menu in myWCU.

Will my favorites from the 9.0 version be carried forward to version 9.2?

No, due to some changes to the navigation you will need to re-establish your favorites.

When will this upgrade take place?

The go-live period will kick-off on Thursday, September 17th at 8 pm - when the myWCU Campus Solutions system will be taken offline. At that point, access to myWCU functions will become unavailable. Given the scope and complexities involved, the upgrade is scheduled to proceed throughout the weekend with an anticipated go-live on Tuesday, September 22nd, at 8 a.m - when access to myWCU will be restored.

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