Additional Information (General)

As we continue to develop WCU-specific training, you are welcome to consult the general training Ellucian offers on Banner (aka RamPortal) products. Listed below are topics of recommended training that will be available on this website as the Student System Modernization project progresses.  Please keep in mind the resources below provide a generalized view and are not customized for WCU needs.

To create an Ellucian Customer Center account please visit the Ellucian Customer Center website to self-register. Click Sign Up and self-register using your WCU email address. Once you have established your login, you can access the On-Demand Training site and Documentation through the Customer Center, under Resources. 

Review of the system functionality

  • Banner Overview (Banner General)
  • Banner Overview and Navigation (Banner General)
  • Banner 9 Self-Service Overview (Banner General)

Learning Plans - Student

  • Admission Officer Learning Plan (7 courses)
  • Registrar Learning Plan (49 courses)
  • Curriculum Manger Learning Plan (12 courses)
  • Maintain the Course Catalog Learning Plan (5 courses)
  • Manage the Class Schedule Learning Plan (6)
  • Manage General Student Records Learning plan (2 courses
  • Graduation Officers Learning Plan (6 course)
  • Accounts Receivable Office Leaning Plan (12 courses)
  • Scheduling Manager Learning Plan (11 courses)

Learning Plans - Financial Aid

  • Financial Aid Manager Learning Plan (9 courses)
  • Financial Aid Specialist Learning Plan (12 courses)
  • Loan Officer Learning Plan (9 courses)
  • Student Employment Specialist Learning Plan (4 courses)
  • Application Processor Learning Plan (18 courses)
  • IT Support Lead Learning Pan (9 courses)

Degree Works

  • Banner Student and Ellucian Degree works Demo
  • Degree works Demo
  • Degree Works Responsive Dashboard demo