Data Governance

Data Governance is a formalized system for how people make decisions about the collection, production, storage, distribution, migration and analysis of institutional data​. It provides the necessary structure, strategy and support to ensure that data are managed and used as a critical University asset​. It requires partnership between both technical and functional areas with the goal of promoting communication, consensus and data-driven decision making. Data governance is more about people’s behavior surrounding data than the data itself​. It is not a project with an end date but rather a state of being and an ongoing institutional endeavor. 


The general scope of this framework applies to institutional data and information which is collected by or for the university for the purposes of planning, managing, operating, controlling, or auditing university functions, operations, and mission. It does not include research data, or data owned or generated by an external entity when used in research. This may include many different systems and sources including the university wide Enterprise Resource Planning system – Ellucian Banner, which has been named RamPortal. RamPortal is the University-wide system that integrates the business functions of multiple departments and systems across campus (e.g., Financial Aid, Registrar, Admissions). It also creates interdependencies between functional areas since data entered by one group will be used by other groups and that the meaning of the data is consistent with agreed upon definitions to maintain consistency and integrity.  

Data Governance Committee

Data Governance Committee Charge

  • Facilitate the smooth transition of data from myWCU to RamPortal​
  • Increase understanding, value and insight of data to the University community​
  • Develop standard definitions to ensure data quality moving forward​
  • Create a sustainable, university data collection accessible through self-service​
  • Provide a framework for members of the SIS Modernization Project Team​

Data Governance Committee Progress

During Fall 2023 the committee developed a data governance policy, data roles and responsibilities, and a data dashboard which includes a data glossary and dictionary. As we work through the process of finalizing these resources for the WCU community, we are starting to consider training opportunities and communication strategies.

Data Governance Committee Members

Alana Luttermoser, Graduate School

Amanda Thomas, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, Tri-Chair

B.K. Taylor, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs

Christian Sanders, Financial Aid Office

Danielle Zimmerman, Academic and Enterprise Systems

Edward Fingland, Academic and Enterprise Systems, Tri-Chair

Jennifer Hewitt, Registrar's Office

Kate Shellaway, Twardowski Career Development Center

Kathleen Flanagan, Finance and Business Services

Lauren Lang, Undergraduate Admissions

Nilima Inamdar, Institutional Research

Peter Calvert, Information Services & Technology

Rommel Guadalupe, Institutional Research, Tri-Chair

Shyamala Athaide, Bursar's Office

Stacy Smith, Human Resources

Stephen Safranek, Information Services & Technology