What is the relationship between Banner/RamPortal and other campus systems? 

  • We are actively working on integrating our current systems with Banner/RamPortal 
  • Questions about additional or enhance integrations can be submitted to sis@wcupa.edu  

Will data requests, access requests, and technical assistance process remain the same? 

  • We will be providing RamPortal training for each workstream as they prepare to go live. Additional training for faculty and staff will be provided before there is an expectation of RamPortal usage 
  • AES and the Workstream leads will coordinate security needs for faculty and staff 
  • All other requests will remain the same via the AES Service Portal 

Will courses need to be rebuilt in RamPortal? 

  • Yes. Utilizing the CLSS application, courses will be rebuilt in RamPortal for the full 2024-2025 academic year. The window to build courses is fluid. 

Will there be a need to be processing in both myWCU and RamPortal at the same time? 

  • AES will be providing a functional document explaining when faculty and staff may need to be processing in both systems. 
  • Example: 2024-2025 classes will need to be built and maintained in RamPortal while 2023-2024 will be maintained in myWCU 
  • Example: Spring and Summer student registration will occur in myWCU but Fall 2024 will occur in Banner 

Will grades have to go into two systems? 

  • Grades will not have to be entered into both RamPortal and myWCU 

Can RamPortal support a "student view" that faculty and staff are able to see? 

  • This is being reviewed to see if something is available that falls within the current FERPA guidelines 

What data will be converted and how far back? 

  • This will vary on the data elements, but will be provided to campus in a functional sheet as the conversions happen 
  • Example: All academic history for all WCU students will be preserved; but application history will be limited. 

Will historical data be preserved? Will it be accessible? 

  • Some historical data from myWCU will be preserved in external systems even if not part of the RamPortal conversions. The Project Team is exploring additional retention methods which would be accessed via data requests. 

When will myWCU be 'shut down'? 

  • This is still a fluid timeline with view only access a possibility. There is expectation to remove transactional access from myWCU as we go live with the Fall 2024 semester.