Guiding Principles

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Modernize our student systems including implementing the Banner Student Information System to replace myWCU to create more flexibility, a modernization of business systems, increase efficiencies, and prioritize student success.

Guiding Principles:


Implement to maximize institutional flexibility to prioritize student success for the future.
  • Focus on the Student Experience
  • Design solutions with student success at the foundational level
  • Plan for continual process to improvement to work through changing student needs

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Innovate WCU business processes to transform the user experience.
  • Adopt, don't adapt
    • Change the processes, not the software.
  • Innovate and Improve
    • Consider new approaches and ideas
    • Improve services via new technology
    • Monitor and measure services for quality and efficiency, and take corrective action, if needed.
  • Business Processes and Procedures
    • WCU will implement improved business processes and procedure through modernizing our current business processes

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Integrate people, processes, information, and systems to create alignment, cohesion, and efficiency.
  • Keep it simple
    • Minimize data entry and modifications of the same information and shared data in multiple systems.
    • Utilize one technology to enable efficient and uniform processes across the University.
  • Strive for clarity
    • Agree on consistent terms and definitions such as “BannerID”, enrolled student, etc.
  • System of Record
    • Banner will be the official, authoritative data source for student information. Processing external to Banner will not be the system of record.

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Inspire collaboration and student-centered services across campus.
  • Think "One WCU"
    • Do what is best for the University, not just for one school or department.
    • Be transparent, collaborative, and inclusive.
  • Be accountable
    • Every data source, process, procedure, and policy require a champion.
  • Empowerment and Timely Implementation

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