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View the login and home page navigation processes using the drop down menus below.

Accessing RamPortal

Access within the system is being granted on an as-needed basis and will roll out across the university according to role. If you have been given access to RamPortal and are unable to access a specific area that is necessary to perform your role, please follow these instructions on the AES "How to Request Support"   page to submit an Access Request Form.

Those working remotely are required to use the VPN (Virtual Private Network) to access some administrative pages. We encourage you to log in at the beginning of each session. If you have not downloaded the VPN, please submit an application via  Service Now.  


RamPortal Home Page Navigation

The information provided here (coming soon) will guide the user through the RamPortal home page, which is the first step in accessing the WCU Student Information System and additional campus applications. This homepage will serve as a centralized hub for tasks and information and can be customized for the ultimate user experience.

Your home page is a role-based dashboard which will look different based on your individual role at the university whether you are a student, faculty, advisor, staff, chair, Dean.  

RamPortal Admin page (Banner) Navigation

This is the landing page to access your RamPortal Administrative applications. Use the following to navigate within these pages:

Home page navigation

  1. Menu – The Menu icon is located in the upper left corner of the Application Navigator. Click to display or hide the icon names.
  2. Dashboard (CTRL+SHIFT+X) – Click the Dashboard Icon (Home) from any page to return to the Application Navigator landing page.
  3. Applications (CTRL+M) – Click the Applications icon to open the Banner menus. Select a button and continue selecting until you find the page you are interested in opening. Select the descriptive name or acronym to open the page.
  4. Search (CTRL+Shift+Y) – Click the Search icon, shown as a magnifying glass, to open the Search window. Find pages using key words or the seven character identifier for the page. Results display after entering three characters.
  5. Recently Opened (CTRL+Y) – The Recently Opened icon is only active once you have opened a page within your session. The number on the folder shows a count of opened pages. Open the list and select a page to access it.
  6. Help (CTRL+Shift+L) – Select this icon to display help information about the page you are currently viewing. The Help icon is active from each Banner page.
  7. Favorites – The user can now mark pages as Favorites from the Search bar. The Favorites icon star is available on all objects under center Search and vertical Search. Any object marked/unmarked as a favorite will reflect in the Favorites folder.
    1. Click on the star to the right of the selected Banner page to add to Favorites.
  8. Sign Out (CTRL + Shift + F) – Click the Sign Out icon to securely log out of the application.
  9. Search box in the centre of the page – Enter at least the first three letters of the descriptive name of the page or the seven character identifier in the Search Box. Select the desired page to open it.