Student System Modernization

Project Overview

Welcome to the Student System Modernization website!

Academic & Enterprise Systems is excited to provide updates on the student system modernization project. Our current student information system, myWCU, has served as the central record hub for student information, academic records, student financials, and financial aid information for almost two decades. In support of our institutional mission, centered around student success and continuous improvement, West Chester University is embarking on a project to implement the Banner Student Information System.

Reach out to with any questions, comments or to get involved in the project.


 Student Record Conversion to RamPortal Overview Overview and temporary impact on records management • Conversion refers to the process of moving all student academic history - registration records, grade, major, degree conferral, holds, etc. – from myWCU to RamPortal. . Conversion takes approximately three weeks. This includes the creation of the files in myWCU and the process of loading the data into Ram Portal, and the validation of the data. • During the conversion period, WCU will need to pause making updates to student records to ensure data inconsistencies don't occur between myWCU and Ram Portal. • After conversion of data, WCU will need to maintain student record information in two Student Information Systems (myWCU and Ram Portal). The below is intended to explain the timeline of conversion as well as the impact it will have on updating student records.

 Student Record Conversion to RamPortal Record Clean-up (thru 1/30) Goal: Ensure student records are fully up to date before records are sent to Ram Portal. Focus: •Holds •Advisor Assignments ⚫Updates to major/minors, etc. .Grade Changes •Posting transfer credit •Fall/winter conferrals •Academic Forgiveness processing •Peition processing •Residency updates .Student group updates •Assigning preferred name •Curricular updates •Student test scores •Studnet milestones Conversion 1/31-2/26 Goal: Student Record data sent from myWCU to Ram Portal, and loaded into Ram Portal. Records Freeze: The following items will not be updated during this time: •Holds •Advisor Assignments ⚫Updates to major/minor, etc. ⚫Change of grade Posting transfer credit •Applying for graduation after summer 24 .Petition process ⚫Updating academic standing •Conferring degrees •Academic Forgiveness processing •Residency updates .Student test scores •Student milestones WCU WEST CHESTER Innovate Integrate RamPortal Go-Live 2/26 Implement Inspire Goal: Maintain student records in both Ram Portal and myWCU until Fall 2024. Dual Processing: The following items will be manually updated in both systems: •Holds •Advisor Assignments ⚫Updates to major/minor, etc. •Creating new staff & faculty in systems •Current student transfer credits (those students admitted prior to fall 24) •Residency •Academic Standing .Grade change Data that is not impacted by data conversion and no additional work isneeded to maintain: Spring 2024 cancellation • Spring 2024 class schedule and registration changes (i.e. add, drop, withdraw, or the creation of new class offerings) ⚫ Summer 2024 class schedule and registration changes (i.e. add, drop, withdraw, or the creation of new class offerings) • Application process through matriculation for spring 24, summer 24, fall 24. • Grading process for spring 24 and summer 24 • Tuition, fee, financial aid changes for spring & summer 24. · • Co-curricular transcript data updates

Guiding Principles:


Implement to maximize institutional flexibility to prioritize student success for the future.
  • Focus on the Student Experience
  • Design solutions with student success at the foundational level
  • Plan for continual process to improvement to work through changing student needs

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Innovate WCU business processes to transform the user experience.
  • Adopt, don't adapt
    • Change the processes, not the software.
  • Innovate and Improve
    • Consider new approaches and ideas
    • Improve services via new technology
    • Monitor and measure services for quality and efficiency, and take corrective action, if needed.
  • Business Processes and Procedures
    • WCU will implement improved business processes and procedure through modernizing our current business processes

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Integrate people, processes, information, and systems to create alignment, cohesion, and efficiency.
  • Keep it simple
    • Minimize data entry and modifications of the same information and shared data in multiple systems.
    • Utilize one technology to enable efficient and uniform processes across the University.
  • Strive for clarity
    • Agree on consistent terms and definitions such as “BannerID”, enrolled student, etc.
  • System of Record
    • Banner will be the official, authoritative data source for student information. Processing external to Banner will not be the system of record.

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Inspire collaboration and student-centered services across campus.
  • Think "One WCU"
    • Do what is best for the University, not just for one school or department.
    • Be transparent, collaborative, and inclusive.
  • Be accountable
    • Every data source, process, procedure, and policy require a champion.
  • Empowerment and Timely Implementation

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This strategic project is many years in the making. Below is an overview of the historical work and work ahead.

WCU Project Timeline: January 2022 - Project Kickoff, March 2023 - Implementation of PASSHE Base Solution, August 2023 - Admissions: Fall 2024 applicants, October 2023 - Financial Aid, February 2024 - Registration: Fall 2024, July 2024 - Student Financials, August 2024 - All students, faculty, staff in new system for Fall 2024

Date Description
March 2023

Implementation of PASSHE Base Solution​.

January 2022 Final contract expected to be executed and project begins.
November 2021 Final scope of work defined.
Fall 2021 WCU works with PASSHE colleagues to draft the scope of work, identify implementation approach, and implementation timeline.
Summer 2021 Ellucian is the selected vendor.
January 2020 WCU works with PASSHE colleagues to draft the Request For Proposals (RFP). This RFP outlines all the system requirements that would be utilized to score the effectiveness of vendors to meet the requirements of the project .

Please stay tuned for project milestones and more information regarding the implementation approach.

Go Lives

NOTE: Dates are estimated, so please wait for official communication.

Go Lives Date
Banner Student - Catalog June 2023
Banner General - general person July 2023
Enrollment Management August 2023
Banner Student - Schedule October 2023
Banner Financial Aid January 2024
Banner Registration March 2024
Degree Works May 2024
Banner Accounts Receivable July 2024
HR FLAC July 2024