Registration Support

We aim to support students, faculty and staff through the transition from myWCU to RamPortal registration. We are planning a various forms of support from training, to real-time problem-solving, to post-registration audits to ensure schedules are complete.

More details about support plans can be found below.


Faculty and staff training for to support Fall 24 registration begins in February 2024. Please register for a session via our training website!

Real-Time Support

Our Registration Mission Control team is working on registration preparations, monitoring registration progress, and resolving any registration challenges that will arise. Here are a few supports we are planning for:

  • Monitor Errors: We will be monitoring errors students receive in real-time to try and resolve behind the scenes without the student needing to reach out for help. For example, if students receive inaccurate errors around prerequisites, we'll work to push their registration through.
  • Assistance Request Form: If department chairs and others need help override a course prerequisite or offering students closed class per

Academica & Enterprise Systems, the Registrar's office, and ASA will partner to provide real-time support both in-person and virtually to help students, faculty, and staff who encounter issues with registration. More details will be forthcoming in advance of the March 27th registration start date.

Student Championing

Academic Support & Advocacy is coordinating student championing of the move to RamPortal. The specific details will be forthcoming in advance of the go-live of registration planning on March 4th.

Championing work will include: Student communications, marketing materials (table tents, flyers, digital materials), social media campaigns, events such a Registration Rallies to help navigate the technology and registration process, tabling at student events, etc.

Please check back for more information as the detailed scheduled gets finalized.

Post-Registration Review

The Registrar's office will be working on validating the accuracy of student registrations following student registrations. This includes ensuring accuracy of class schedules, ensurance of compliance with academic record policies, and confirmation of prerequisite requirements.