RamPortal Training & Documentation

Welcome to the RamPortal Training page!  This page contains training documentation and videos to guide you through the RamPortal Student Information System (SIS). Information will be added as the various modules 'go-live'.

What is the difference between "RamPortal" and "Banner"? Banner is the technology platform, and RamPortal is our customized WCU name. RamPortal = Banner, as myWCU = PeopleSoft.

Access to RamPortal will roll out across campus on an as-needed basis according to role and department, in conjunction with the scheduled go-live dates. Please click on the the "Home" menu above for an updated timeline of these dates.

If you encounter any issues or find that something isn’t working as expected with RamPortal, please login to the AES "How to Request Support" page and choose Report a Problem.