Academic Progress Plan

Undergraduate students on any type of academic probation or warning are requested to fill out the Academic Progress Pre-Plan Survey via their myWCU account. You will receive an email when one of your advisees submits the form.

  1. The email you receive will have a link to log into OnBase .
  2. Chrome and FireFox are the best browsers to use when accessing OnBase. Safari is also supported, but Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer are not recommended
  3. Please make sure to disable your pop-up blockers before logging into OnBase
  4. The OnBase login screen will appear as below:
    Onbase Screen
  5. Use your West Chester University credentials to log in
    Onbase Screen
  6. Upon logging into OnBase, you will see a screen similar to the one below:
    Screenshot of onbase
  7. Click on the three horizontal blue lines in the upper left-hand corner next to where it says Document Retrieval:
    Document Retrievla
  8. From the menu, select Open WorkFlow
  9. Please note: WorkFlow will open in a different browser window and will appear similar to the one below:
    Onbase workflow
  10. Click on the grey arrow next to REG4 Academic Progress
    Onbase Workflow
  11. You will see a folder that says REG4 Academic Progress Plan Review. The number in the parentheses is the number of submitted surveys you have to review.
    Onbase Workflow
  12. You will see your list of students with submitted surveys in the upper right panel labeled Inbox
  13. Click to highlight a student in blue
    Onbase Inbox
  14. The form will appear in the bottom panel of your screen
    Onbase Workflow
  15. Scroll to the bottom of the form to where you see Actions to be taken to move towards success
    Onbase Workflow
  16. There is an ADD button to the right; click the ADD button
    Add button
  17. You will then see a drop down for an action you are recommending
    Workflow image
  18. Select the appropriate action and make any comments in the Notes section (please note that students do receive a copy of this form)
    Note image
  19. Select the appropriate action and make any comments in the Notes section (please note that students do receive a copy of this form)
    Add button
  20. When you are done selecting your actions, you have the option of flagging the student for follow up with a Student Success Coach
    Student Success Coach
  21. When you have completed the form, check the box next to Academic Progress Plan is Complete
    Academic Progress
  22. Another box will pop up asking you to Confirm Academic Progress Plan is Complete; please check the box
  23. Once that is done, you can click SAVE at the bottom of the form
  24. By pressing SAVE you are notifying the student and Academic Success that the form is complete; students receive a PDF copy of the form and your notes
    • If you indicated follow up from a Student Success Coach, they will be notified as well
  25. You can also add any communication you have had with the student using the Add Correspondence ad hoc task
    Attach Correspondance
  26. Click the ad hoc task, found between your Inbox and the Document Viewer
  27. A window will open that will allow you to import your communication
    Onbase Workflow
  28. Click Choose File
    Choose File
  29. A file explorer window will open
  30. Choose the correct file
  31. Click IMPORT
  32. This will now be added to the student’s file.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I do not see REG4 Academic Progress. How do I access my queue?
    • Please make sure you are going to Open Workflow by using the three horizontal bars in the upper right hand corner:
    • Workflow
  • I do not see any documents in REG4 Academic Progress. Does this mean I do not have any?
    • Make sure you are hitting the grey arrow next to REG Academic Progress to drop down your queue
    • Onbase
  • I see a 0 in parentheses next to my queue. Does this mean I do not have any documents to review?
    • That is correct. If you have 0 parentheses next to your queue, you do not have any items for

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