Covid-19 Alternative Grading Options

In response to the University’s temporary Covid-19 Alternative Grading Policy, a new page has been added to myWCU where graduate and undergraduate students may choose, on a course-by-course basis, from the two available grading options.  

  1. Log into myWCU and look for the new Alternative Grading Options section of your myWCU homepage.
    myWCU Screenshot
    • Here you will see your courses that are eligible for the Alternative Grading Policy and the selection deadline for each of your eligible courses.
    • Courses will only appear in red until a selection is made; however, you may continue to change your selections through the selection deadline.
  2. Click the Update Alternative Grading Options
    • This page provides an in-depth overview of the Alternative Grading Options available and a drop-down for each eligible course where you may opt-in to the grading option of your choice.
    • Once faculty grades are assigned, an additional section will be available titled Term GPA – this will allow you to see your term GPA based on the selections you have made.
  3. Make your selections for each course from the drop-down.
    • If the selection deadline for a course has passed, a drop-down wilnot be available
    • Although courses that ended prior to March 8th are not eligible for selections, they will appear in this list since they are included in the calculation of your Term GPA.
      myWCU Screenshot
  4. Click Recalculate to determine how your selections will impact your Term GPA
    • Please note the recalculate button will save your selections.
      myWCU Screenshot
  5. Click Save.
    • Once you click save, return to your myWCU homepage, by clicking the myWCU icon in the top left-hand side of your screen, and confirm your selections appear within the Alternative Grading Options section.
      myWCU Screenshot

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