Searching for Classes

Class Search can be used to find classes that meet specific criteria or program requirements. These instructions will demonstrate how to use Class Search and find classes that meet criteria.

From your myWCU homepage, click on the Classes tile, then click Class Search

How to Search for Classes and enter criteria

  1. Select a term from the drop down.
  2. There are many ways to limit the list of classes that are seen. The best way is to decide what limiting factors to use. For instance, if you are looking for a class that meets the Public Speaking Attribute, you would choose it from the Attribute dropdown.
  3. If you want only classes from a particular department, choose the department from the dropdown list and if you want a particular career, you can limit it even further.
  4. If too much is chosen and no classes meet the criteria, the following message will appear:
  5. If there is a specific time, or type of instruction, or professor that you desire, the Additional Search Criteria can be used.
  6. To narrow your search even further, choose from the Mode of Instruction dropdown list:
  7. After all the criteria has been chosen, click on the green Search button.
  8. When the list is shown, the criteria for your list is shown at the top.
  9. Some courses are only taught in the Spring or only in the Fall, so check the Graduate or Undergraduate Course Catalogs if you do not find the class desired.

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