Winter 2021-2022 Course Offerings 

All winter 2021-2022 courses will be offered remote synchronously (meaning students will be required to attend classes remotely during specific days/times) or online (meaning students may be required to remotely attend some portion of the course during specific days/times with the remainder of the course being conducted asynchronously). Each winter course has a planned remote synchronous instruction percentage assigned visible within the Class Search and Class Schedule.  

Overview of Potential Instruction Modes & Planned Remote Synchronous Percentages  

Table screenshot of courses

Viewing Instruction Modes and Planned Remote Synchronous Percentage in Class Search  

  • From your myWCU homepage, click on the Classes tile and locate Class Search. 
  • Search for winter courses, paying special attention to the Instruction Mode and Planned Remote Synchronous columns in the search results.  
  • Examples:
    • Courses built as 100% Online with 0% planned remote synchronous instruction:
      Screen shot
    • When you click on the course to view the details, you can see there is no meeting pattern.  
    • Courses built as In Person with 85 - 100% planned remote synchronous instruction:
    • When you click on the course to view the details, you can see the associated meeting pattern.
      Screenshot 5
    • Courses built as Blended with 30-79% planned remote synchronous instruction:  
      Screenshot 6
    • When you click on the course to view the details, you can see the associated meeting pattern: 
      Screenshot 7

Locating Instruction Mode and Planned Remote Synchronous Percentages in Class Schedule  

  • Student can see their schedule in myWCU by clicking on the Classes tile.  
    • If the course has a meeting pattern it will appear on this main page. If the course does not have a meeting pattern only the course deadlines will appear.  
  • Students can also see their schedule in myWCU from the My Class Schedule page, also accessible via the Classes tile. 
    Screenshot 8
    • From the List View, students can see instruction mode, planned synchronous percentage, and any meeting patterns.  
      Screenshot 9
    • From the Weekly Calendar View, students can see their courses visually bases on the course meeting patterns. Courses without a meeting pattern are listed below.
      Screenshot #10

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