Submitting an Academic Forgiveness Form

West Chester University recognizes that some students experience difficulty with academic performance due to any number of circumstances and as such their Grade Point Average may be a barrier for degree progression and attainment as well as subsequent career goals. To remove this barrier on an undergraduate student's ability to earn their certificate or degree, WCU offers several options in support of student success: the Course Repeat Policy, the Academic Forgiveness Policy, and the Academic Renewal Policy.

Tile navigation: Student Homepage>Academic Records

  1. Log-in to your myWCU account:
  2. Click on the Academic Records tile located on your home page.
    Submit Academic Forgiveness 1
  3. You will find the Academic Forgiveness Interest Form link under Useful Links.
    Submit Academic Forgiveness 2
  4. Click on that link to open the Academic Forgiveness Interest Form.
  5. You will notice your ID, First Name, Last Name, Email address, and Academic Plan pre-populated. You will not be able to change those fields on the form.
    Submit Academic Forgiveness 3
  6. Please indicate if you plan on changing your major soon. If YES, please indicate your new intended major:
    Submit Academic Forgiveness 4
  7. Please provide a narrative as to why you are seeking Academic Forgiveness:
    Submit Academic Forgiveness 5
  8. You must indicate your understanding of the policy:
    Submit Academic Forgiveness 6
  9. Those are all the fields you need to complete. Next, click the Submit button at the bottom of the form to submit your petition for review.
    Submit Academic Forgiveness 7
  10. You will know your Academic Interest Form was successfully submitted when you see this page in your browser. You will also receive a confirmation in your WCU email.
    Submit Academic Forgiveness 8

Note: Your request will first be sent to your department for review. It is possible they may reach out with questions and to set up a meeting so please keep an eye to your WCU email for a follow-up. Once you and the Department decide which courses may be eligible for forgiveness, the form will be approved by your Dean/Chair and then sent to the Registrar's Office for a final review. In total, it may take roughly 2-3 weeks to process requests for Academic Forgiveness.

Any issues with the form, please email:

Content Manager: Academic & Enterprise Systems