Latino Communities Conference

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Thursday, September 27th

Time Location Activity
8:00 - 9:00 Sykes Lobby Registration - café y pan dulce
9:00 - 9:20 Ballroom A Welcome

Session 1: 9:30 - 10:45

Topic Location Activity Contributors
Immigr Ballroom B Migration as Transformation: Assessing Migrant Experiences Here and There (Aquí y Allá) Kathleen Weber, WCU Political Science major, Linda Stevenson, WCU Political Science-International Relations
Health & Soc Sci 255 Sykes Migrant Farm Worker Wellness Checks Katie Kuffner, Chester County Health Department (CCHD), Julie Funk, Chester County Hospital, and Laura Mackiewicz, La Comunidad Hispana
Soc Serv 252 Sykes The Ethics of Bilingual Inter-Professional Collaborative Care Pablo Arriaza, WCU Undergraduate Social Work

Session 2: 11:00 - 12:15

Topic Location Activity Contributors
Educ & Prof Dev. 209 Sykes New Teacher Induction and Strategies for ELs Susan Silver, Upper Merion Area School District, Angela Della Valle, Upper Merion Area School District & West Chester University
Prof Dev. 255 Sykes Bilingualism and Careers Panel Michele Belliveau, WCU Undergraduate Social Work, Linda Stevenson, WCU Political Science, Ana Sanchez, WCU Languages and Cultures, David Reyes-Farias, WCU Spanish, Kimberly Alegria, Kristen Peck, and Alexandra Boland, WCU Alumni, WCU Career Services
Hum. Ballroom A Puerto Rico Se Levanta: Humor, Popular Culture, and Political Discourse in the Post-Hurricane Crisis Iliana Pagán-Teitelbaum, WCU, Languages and Cultures

Session 3: 12:30 - 1:45

Topic Location Activity Contributors
Educ. 209 Sykes Equity, Inclusion, and Culturally Sustaining Practices at the Reading School District Waldo V. Alvarado, Wanda Gonzalez-Crespo, Reading School District
Immigr Ballroom A

(Not So) White Lies: Trump’s Conflation of ‘Illegal Immigration’ with ‘Mexicans” During an Era of Declining Migration from Mexico


The Persistence of Sanctuary: Ancient Roots, Modern Applications, Contemporary Challenges

Justin D. García, Millersville University of Pennsylvania


Tara Carr-Lemke, Rutgers University - Camden

Session 4: 2:00 - 3:15

Topic Location Activity Contributors
Hum 255 Sykes

Two cultures, one identity: Struggle of belonging in American Born Chinese and Gringa!


“Woman. No Apologies”: Reclamation of the Female Voice in the US Mexico Borderlands

Moisés Hassan Bendahan, Stony Brook University


Claire M Massey, Saarland University, Germany

Immigr 209 Sykes “Pioneers: Mexican Immigrant Women, Home-Making Process, Belonging and Resilient Strategies in New Destination” Carmen Guerrero, Coalición Fortaleza Latina; Veronica Montes, Bryn Mawr College
Crim Just 252 Sykes From the Ivory Tower to the Street, Justice Conversations Brian O'Neill, WCU Criminal Justice; Luis "Suave" Gonzalez, Nu-Stop Recovery and Educational Center

Session 4: Reception 3:15 - 4:15

Location Activity
Sykes Ballrooms Reception Philadelphia Salsa Band: Jimmy Jorge and The Latin Express

Session 5: 4:25 - 5:40

Topic Location Activity Contributors
Immigr 255 Sykes Community Engagement Through the Arts. Lessons from three years in El Barrio Daniel Egusquiza, Arleny Pimentel, Valois Joubert, Jonathan Tinoco, Barrio Alegría
Prof Dev. 209 Sykes Bridging Communication Gaps for Immigrants and Meeting National Foreign Language Standards through Service Learning Andrea Varricchio, WCU Languages and Cultures, Miriam Rodriguez-Gonzalez, WCU Spanish major, Hannah Kaptur, WCU Early Grades Preparation major

Session 6: 4:30 - 6:30

Topic Location Activity Contributors
Educ 102 Mitchell Hall Underwater Dreams - film screening
Underwater Dreams
Carmen Pacheco, Christine Miller, West Chester Area School District

Friday, September 28th

Registration: 8:00 - 9:00

Location Activity
Sykes Lobby - Ballroom A Registration – café y pan dulce

Session 7: 9:00 - 9:50

Topic Location Activity Contributors
Immigr & Hum Ballroom A Do We Want Mushrooms In Our Melting Pot? : Arbitrary Gatekeeping and the Reconstruction of the National Identity in The United States David Reyes-Farias, WCU Spanish
Educ Ballroom B

Padres Latinos del Distrito Escolar del Area de West Chester: A cultural bridge between our schools and the Spanish speaking families in the West Chester Area School District


Making Connections: Latino/a Communities and Wilson College (Franklin County, PA)

Sandra Bradley, Veronica Ortiz, Caterina Vilches, Padres Latinos del Distrito Escolar del Area de West Chester


Kathleen Cunniffe Pena, Jamie Burnett, Wilson College

Prof Dev 255 Sykes WCU Admissions 101 Margaret Toolan, WCU Admissions Office

Session 8: 10:00 - 10:50

Topic Location Activity Contributors
Immigr & Law Ballroom A Immigration Law in the Era of Trump: Hurdles and Triumphs Lindsey Sweet and Alicia Anguiano, Sweet & Paciorek Law Offices, LLC
Health 252 Sykes

Manejando su Estrés: Lessons Learned in a Primary Care Behavioral Health Model


Mental Health Stressors, Recovery, and the Use of Digital Media in Puerto Rico: The Case of Hurricane Maria

Courtney Erroa, Abner Santiago, Anna Roosevelt, Meredith Sullivan, La Comunidad Hispana


Barbe Fogarty, Candy Madrigal, James Wilkie, Lisa Lowrie, Kutztown University

Vis & Perf Arts 209 Sykes Muros abajo, conocimiento para todos: Círculos comunitarios de empoderamiento [Walls Down, Knowledge for All: Community Circles for Empowerment] Holly Link, Obed Arango, Diana Lugo, Lupita Castillo, Laura Sanchez, Lourdes Flores, Mariana Castro, Horacio De La Luz, Jenny Bonilla, Salvador González, María Alcántara, Centro de Cultura, Arte, Trabajo y Educación (CCATE)
Educ & Hum 255 Sykes

Hands-On, Minds-On! Using WCU Cap Kits in Central and South America to Promote Students’ Emergent Literacy & Math Skills


Spanish in the Public Sphere: A Linguistic Landscapes Class Project

Donna Sanderson, WCU Early & Middle Grades Education


Isabel Maria Kentengian, Jessica S. Figueroa, The College of New Jersey

Session 9: 11:00 - 11:50

Topic Location Activity Contributors
Hum & Soc Sci 255 Sykes

Telling Untold Stories: The Puerto Ricans in Trenton Oral History Project


Latin American Liberation Theology as Guide to Social Justice: The Catholic Young Lords on the Streets of Rizzo’s Philadelphia

Ann Warner Ault, Ault, Ivett Figueroa, Deysi Martinez, The College of New Jersey


Adán Stevens-Díaz, Temple University

Educ & Hum 210 Sykes Propuesta didáctica para la enseñanza del español como lengua de herencia [Didactic Proposal for Teaching Spanish as a Heritage Language] Ángel Carrión Tavárez, Universidad de Puerto Rico, Recinto de Río Piedras
Health & Soc Sci 209 Sykes

Community programs and services for immigrant families


Learning About Lyme Disease among Latinos in Chester County: A needs assessment of key informants

Milena Lanz, Cecilia Arce, Andrea Jimenez, Alma Vidal, Chester County Maternal and Child Health Consortium (MCHC)


Debra Bill, WCU Department of Health, Rosymar Magana, WCU Department of Health

Prof Dev 252 Sykes WCU College Life – a session for high school students Latino American Student Organization and WCU Latino students

Lunch: 12:00 - 2:00

Location Activity
Sykes Ballrooms

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Philadelphia Councilwoman María Quiñones-Sánchez

María Quiñones-Sánchez

Latino Professionals Luncheon Group of Chester County scholarship awards

Latino Luncheon - Building a stronger community - Chester County