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The philosophy department at West Chester University was founded in 1966 and is close to celebrating its 60th anniversary! We are currently located on the 2nd floor of Anderson Hall on North campus.

The philosophy department has grown from just a handful of faculty and students to a program that offers students the opportunity to both major and minor in philosophy, and pursue graduate coursework leading to a master’s degree. The Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy offers students a robust foundation to gain the skills and knowledge they need to develop their careers, such as critical thinking, argumentation, oral and written communication. The department also offers a number of different minors beyond the minor in philosophy, with programs  that include religious studies, peace and conflict studies, and allied ethics. Outside of the major and minor programs, the philosophy department also provides a wide range of courses that fulfill the various general education requirements that students need to complete their studies.

West Chester University is proudly the first and only university in the PASSHE system to offer a graduate program in philosophy and includes the Master of Arts in Philosophy, with the option to emphasize the study of applied ethics, with graduate certificates in business ethics and healthcare ethics. The department offers a number of different pathways to complete the MA in philosophy with support from faculty that provide specializations in subjects like ethics, epistemology, feminist philosophy, African American studies, Indigenous studies, existentialism, Continental philosophy, and more.

The program is currently going through some exciting reforms to improve its curriculum and course offerings. These reforms seek to decolonize the philosophy programs by giving students the opportunity to explore more of the ideas, voices, and contributions from those peoples who have traditionally been ignored or suppressed by traditional approaches to philosophy. This has involved creating exciting new courses in subjects like World Philosophies, African American Studies, and Indigenous Studies at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

Our current degrees and programs include:


  • B.A. Philosophy.
    • Philosophy Concentration.
    • Religious Studies Concentration.
  • Philosophy Minor.
  • Religious Studies Minor.
  • Peace and Conflict Studies Minor.
  • Applied Ethics Minor.
  • Certificate in Conflict Transformation and Management.


  • M.A. Philosophy.
    • Philosophy Concentration.
    • Applied Ethics Concentration.
  • Graduate Certificate in Business Ethics.
  • Graduate certificate in Medical Ethics.
  • Accelerated B.A. in Philosophy to M.A. in Philosophy.


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