Dr. Simon Ruchti

Contact information


Anderson Hall 234


M.A., New York University

Ph.D., The Ohio University

Simon Ruchti

Associate Professor


Dr. Simon Ruchti specializes in theories of gender and performance. After completing an MA in Performance Studies at New York University, Dr. Ruchti worked in the New York City film industry for five years. He then completed a PhD in Interdisciplinary Arts at The Ohio University, focusing on gender and performance theories through theatre and film. His dissertation explored the performance of normative masculinity by juxtaposing John Wayne, Mormon men, and drag kings and queens. Since then, Dr. Ruchti's scholarship has focused on queer theory, masculinity, sexual assault prevention, and performance theory.



Queer theory

Sexuality studies

Feminist theory

Masculinity studies

Performance theory




Recent Courses

PHI 280: Philosophy and Film

PHI 180: Ethics

PHI 405: Feminist Theory

PHI 407: Queer Theory

FYE 100: First Year Experience

WOS 100: Body Politics

WOS 225: Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies

WOS 276: Sexual Identity and Culture

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