Trader Joe’s Must College Haves!

Genevieve Jacoby - March 2021

Trader Joe’s is truly my happy place. I think I blackout when I walk into that wonderful store and completely disregard the amount of items I place in my basket. Everything at Trader Joe’s is so amazing, but there are quite a few products that are my absolute favorites that, in my humble opinion, are necessities to have if you are both in college and have a kitchen. 

First, is Trader Joe’s Spiced Chai Black Tea Concentrate. I think this is hands down one of my favorite Trader Joe’s finds. If you are a fan of a great chai latte, this product is for you. For just $2.49 (i think) a bottle, you can secure yourself about 12 Starbucks worthy chai lattes. All you have to do is add one part concentrate and two parts milk of your choice (I use oat, highly recommend) and you instantly have an amazing iced chai latte. You can also make them hot! Next, is the Trader Joe’s Garlic Pesto Pizza. This is such an easy thing to pop in the oven if you do not feel like cooking. For just $4.00 and 15 minutes in the oven, you have an amazing restaurant worthy personal pizza. I can not stress enough how amazing this pizza is! Next on the list, is Gnocchi alla Gorgonzola. These are my three favorite things all wrapped into one. Pasta, potato, and cheese. These are super easy to make for a quick and easy dinner. Just pour some oil on a pan on medium heat and add your frozen gnocchi and gorgonzola pieces. Then in just seven short minutes you have super tasty (and cheesy) gnocchi! For a bag, it is about $4 and depending on how much you make, it can last you a few servings! Lastly, my favorite Trader Joe’s snacks include sour cream and onion corn puffs, Trader Joe’s brand Pringles, Trader Joe’s tortilla chips, everything but the bagel kettle chips, red licorice, and dried mango. All incredible choices for a quick and (somewhat) healthy snack! If you are looking for a fun dessert, I highly recommend the mochi. Mochi is ice cream wrapped in a fluffy rice cake. I have tried vanilla, strawberry, and mango. All amazing options for a different and tasty desert.

Now, this is only touching the service of all the great things at Trader Joe’s. I am also an extremely picky eater, so I am sure there are some other amazing choices that I just have not even glanced at. Though, in conclusion, Trader Joe’s has so many affordable frozen meals, snacks, desserts, and produce. Perfect for the busy and probably broke college student!



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