Student Services

Our Student Services page provides students with a break-down of available services the University provides, such as financial information, diversity & inclusion resources, and mental health resources.  Click on the appropriate icon to take you to the specific WCU webpage. 

Diversity & Inclusion 

Accessible Learning Icon

Access tips and information about accessible online learning resources.

Gender Equity Icon

Gain support and information about supporting gender equity at WCU through the Canter for Women's and Gender Equity.

LGBTQ+ Advocacy Icon

Discover the support and celebration of the center for Trans and Queer Advocacy.

Multicultural Center Icon

Find a community of social justice, equity, and inclusion for all students. 

Financial Services

Placeholder Bursar

Find answers to questions about your tuition, fee schedules, a bill, refund checks, and more.

Placeholder for Financial Aid

Obtain information on loans, types of aid, how to activate your account, paying your bill, and more.

Placeholder for VC

Find answers to questions regarding military benefits, such as tuition, aid, and payments.

General & Mental Health Resources

bookstore icon

Walk-through what books or materials you need to buy for your specific classes. 

registrar icon

Obtain forms and transcripts, academic calendar, transfer credits, graduation information, and more.

CARE Team Icon

Access a resource that identifies risk and develops a collaborative outreach and support plan with campus and community resources.

Counseling Center Icon

Gain support through staff and resources to help with distress, grief, and more.

Other Student Resources


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