Will my financial aid change for the spring term as a result of being remote?

The Financial Aid office will review all award packages based on any new information such as use of credits in winter session, changes to your cost of attendance, change in enrollment status, or COVID-19 relief credits.

If I decide to go part-time in the spring how will my financial aid be impacted?

This would be considered a change of enrollment status and your financial aid package will be adjusted accordingly. The exception would be if you take credits in the winter session and the sum of your winter and spring are 12 credits or greater you would be considered full time and have no adjustment to aid package. Please see the previous FAQ above for additional scenarios that may result in changes in spring financial aid while remaining full-time.

Will there be emergency aid available for the spring term as there has been this past year?

If you are facing unexpected financial hardship due to the pandemic and need additional assistance please reach out to the Financial Aid office.

How should I file my 2021-2022 FAFSA in regards to housing?  

Students should file their FAFSA with their intended housing choice for fall 2021. If a change in housing status is made due to preference or availability, the Financial Aid office will re-evaluate awards at that time.

How should I file my 2021-2022 FAFSA if I or my family have been financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic?  

If you or your family have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, please file the FAFSA with the federal required 2019 tax information and, when you receive your initial financial aid award, contact the Financial Aid office and request a special situations review.


If I had a job for the fall 2020 semester can I expect to keep it for spring 2021?  

Yes, if your supervisor and you both agree that you are still able to continue your work for the spring 2021 term, then your contract will be extended into the spring term.

If I am working on campus this fall, but will no longer be able to access campus for the spring term due to a change in my plans, can I still work in my current job remotely?

The availability of remote work is up to the supervisor. If for any reason a student cannot continue working in their current fall position, they should email in order to be reviewed for another position or additional assistance.

Are all work study jobs going to be offered remotely?

It is up to the department and supervisor to determine whether they can offer remote work to student employees. Decisions will be made based on the tasks listed within each job description and any revised staffing structures in the department.

Does being selected for verification impact my eligibility for a work study position?

Yes, since the federal work study program is a federal need-based program, students are required to complete verification in order to confirm their eligibility. Students who have not submitted their required documentation cannot be reviewed for a federal work study position or additional financial assistance in place of work study. All students should review their “Financial Aid Alerts” on myWCU in order to determine if they still have “initiated” requirements.

If I am offered a work study position, do I have to accept it?

We recognize that some positions will be altered to offer remote or hybrid (both on-site and remote) work, and others will remain on campus. If you do not feel you will be able to complete the job due to changes in the job description, you can decline the position and request to be evaluated for additional financial assistance in place of your work study award.

If I have a work study award should I now expect it to be automatically converted to a grant?

Each student is being evaluated based on their job history, eligibility after any enrollment or housing changes, and current interest in the program. If a student was expected to work this upcoming term and had a job in place, but is now not able to work for that department, they will be considered for additional financial assistance in place of that position.

If a student would have been on the work study program’s waitlist (based on whether they had a job lined up and whether they had completed all of their financial aid alerts to confirm their eligibility), they will be offered a spot on the work study waitlist as we expect openings to continue to be available throughout the spring term.

If I am on the work study waitlist when will I know whether I can expect a job offer or grant funding?  

Most positions for the spring term become available to waitlisted students within the first month of the term (when hired students are required to accept or decline their job offers.) If a student is not able to be offered a job from the waitlist by this time, they then will be reviewed for additional financial assistance if they are still eligible.

Are all students who were originally awarded work study or have filled out an application guaranteed some type of funding from this program for the spring term?

Federal work study is a campus-based program that requires a student to have unmet financial need after their cost of attendance is finalized (based on enrollment and housing status.) Unlike Pell and PHEAA grants, this fund has limited dollars and therefore not all students will be awarded funding. Each student will be reviewed based on their eligibility, timeliness of application, and job history on campus to make an FWS employment determination for spring.


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