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Building on Excellence


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Building on Excellence


West Chester University is dedicated to building and sustaining excellent academic programs, while supporting and developing an academic environment that ensures student success. A broad set of four objectives were initially developed to enhance the University's focus on student learning as measured via specific measures of learning outcomes: to provide an academic environment that encourages learning and student success, to provide greater access to academic programs via both traditional and non-traditional methods of delivery, and to strengthen pedagogy, technology, and facilities in support of teaching excellence at the University.

The Academic Theme is largely divided into five sub-areas of focus:

  1. Rigorous and systematic academic planning and assessment (the core mission) - including Graduate Education

  2. Enhancement of the student learning process and services that support that process (from advising to offices including the Registrar, Financial Aid and Student Affairs).

  3. Comprehensive internationalization (study abroad, international student enrollment, and global partnerships).

  4. Distance Learning, the development of off-site teaching locations and alternative delivery of education

  5. Ensuring innovative teaching classrooms and adequate office/research space

Highlights for Year 5

  • In the 2017-18 academic year, we provided access to the largest number of graduate assistantships in our history. The continued commitment of President Fiorentino, Provost Bernotsky and the Cabinet in investing in graduate education aided in funding more than 375 highly qualified students in part-time and full-time assistantship opportunities.
  • WCU’s graduate assistants enhance their academic experiences and gain transferrable skills that aid in their next steps, whether it is continuing their education or entering the workforce.
  • All 82 undergraduate and graduate programs evaluated using the Assurance of Student Learning (ASL) rubric, which evaluates the assessment efforts of all programs of study. This is a critical step as we maintain the high standards of national and program accreditation.


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