Co-Curricular Planning

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In 2017, the Division of Student Affairs began to transform the WCU student experience by implementing a co-curricular approach that aligns with students' academic experiences. This division-wide initiative, known as the WCU Co-curricular Experience, is one of the first of its kind in the nation. It serves as a foundation for student success and completes the educational mission of the University in developing graduates to succeed personally, professionally and contribute to the common good.

The WCU Co-curricular Experience includes five focus areas: Career Readiness, Community Engagement, Health and Wellness, Involvement and Leadership, and Social Justice. Through these programs, students develop knowledge and skills in civic engagement, communication, critical thinking, integrative learning, intercultural fluency, personal development and problem solving.

For students who are excited to get started, we encourage you to explore the Co-curricular Catalog, create a personalized Education Plan, and register for programs in advance.


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