Budget Office Resources and Forms

  • Budget Cycle Timeline
  • Classification / Request to Hire Staff - The Classification/Request to Hire Staff form (C/R2H) must be completed in order to post and hire all non-faculty positions and serves as both a classification and a budget approval process when creating or filling all non-faculty staff positions (both permanent and temporary).
Student Payroll Request  (NEW PROCESS as of August 2023)
    • Please use the above link to go to the OnBase Student Hiring Portal. The new process includes:
      • Federal Work Student Pre-Authorization Requests
      • Hourly Student Employee hiring, as well as stipend based positions (Graduate Assistants and Resident Assistants).
      • Rate Change Requests for Hourly Student Employees.
      • eTime Timekeeper requests (adding \ removing Timekeepers or Cost Centers).
    • FAQs, training guides and other resources are also available on the Portal page.
Budget Transfer Requests
    • Budget Transfer Requests for Operating Transfers ONLY are open for FY2024. Contact your Budget Manager with any questions..
Temporarily Working Out of Class Forms