Find Funding

Your research representative will:

  • Perform targeted searches to identify funding opportunities aligned with faculty member's current research efforts.
  • Provide training on the use of PIVOT, WCU's subscription database for searching Federal, State and Private-Sector funding opportunities.
  • Provide funded grants or abstracts under program of interest (either WCU or external organizations).
  • Facilitate collaborations and help identify potential WCU collaborators.
  • Facilitate contact with program manager.

Proposal Development

Your research representative will:

  • Summarize and analyze funding opportunity announcement. PI will be provided with an outline of all required sections of application and the guidelines associated with each section.
  • Create detailed budget based upon PI's descriptions of time, supplies, travel, consultants, sub-awards, etc. needed. ORSP will ensure correct University rates are used for F&A and fringe benefits.
  • Review all proposal documents for errors and typos and ensure all documents are formatted according to guidelines, and are within page-limits defined in the guidelines.
  • Obtain approval from restricted funds for program budget.
  • Collect, review and collate all application documents. You will receive timely reminders as to any missing documents in order to ensure an on-time submission. Your ORSP representative will review all narrative portions of application to ensure all page limits and other formatting requirements are being met.

Proposal Submission

Your research representative will:

  • Upload all required documents into appropriate on-line tool as per sponsor requirements (FastLane,, e-mail submissions, etc.).
  • Send final application to PI for review and approval
  • Obtain necessary administrative approval and submit application via appropriate on-line tool as per sponsor requirements.
  • Track submission to ensure proposal was received and will be reviewed.

Research Compliance

Your research representative will:

  • Ensure that budget and entire application is compliant with all University and Sponsor rules and regulations. This includes, but is not limited to, Financial Conflict of interest, Human Subjects, Institutional Animal Care and Use, and Responsible Conduct of Research.
  • Provide training outlets to ensure that all personnel are up to date on required trainings as per sponsor and university requirements.

Post Award Services

Your research representative and restricted funds accountant will monitor compliance with fiscal and programmatic reporting requirements as established by Federal and State law, sponsor regulations, University policies and procedures and generally accepted accounting principles for grants awarded to WCU.

  • Shortly after notification of award, a post-award meeting will be scheduled with the PI, a representative from ORSP, restricted funds accountant, and representative(s) from your Chair and/or Dean's office. The following will be discussed, in detail, at the meeting:
    • Roles and responsibilities of the PI, ORSP and restricted funds
    • Requirements and guidelines of the sponsor and the university and the Federal government and how these apply to your specific award
    • Specific Reporting requirements for your award
    • Procedures and Policies for spending down your grant funds
    • Procedures for no-cost extensions, budget adjustments, change in scope of project, change in personnel (if allowable by the sponsor)
  • Restricted Funds will set-up an SAP account for your dedicated grant funds.
  • You will receive reminders from ORSP and Restricted funds as to when programmatic and fiscal reports are due.

Additional Resources