Is this a Facilities Emergency?

If this is an EMERGENCY, call Work Control at 610-436-2444 or ext. 2444. DO NOT send an email or leave a voicemail. If the emergency is outside of our hours of operation, call Public Safety at 610-436-3311 or ext. 3311.

Calls will be assessed and a service technician will immediately be dispatched via radio. You will need to provide your name and phone in case follow-up information is needed. For tracking purposes, Work Control will create a work order so there is no need to submit a work request via iService Desk.


Facilities emergencies shall be defined as work required to provide or restore adequate service to a facility, to eliminate hazards to life or health (safety), to protect valuable property from imminent damage, or to prevent the cancellation of classes or major events. These requests take precedence over all other request and will be assigned as Priority #1 on a TMA work order.

The following are some examples:

  • Life threatening issues such as smoke, fire, or gas leaks
  • Building or floor wide power outages
  • Flooding due to weather, a break in the water line, or overflowing toilet
  • Interruption of building water service
  • Person stuck in an elevator
  • All elevators out in an occupied building
  • Building wide security issues
  • Broken windows
  • Occupied building temperatures below 65 degrees or above 78 degrees
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