Work Control Center FAQ's

I selected surplus furniture from the Facilities Stores Warehouse for an office or classroom. What's my next step?

  1. Submit a TMA Work Request by selecting Move Request @ iService Desk.
  2. If the item(s) need to be assembled, submit a second TMA Work Request for the Carpentry Shop by selecting Maintenance Request @ iService Desk. If the delivery and assembly need to be completed by a specific date, specify the date on the Maintenance Request.

Elevator not working?

Call the Work Control Center @ x2444 so they can contact the on-campus elevator contractor.

How do I make a change to a recently submitted TMA Work Request?


with your changes, including the TMA Work Request or Work Order #. Do not submit a second request, as this will create a duplication in the process and a possible delay in service.

How do I request an adjustment in room temperature for my event?

Submit a TMA Work Request by selecting Maintenance Request @ iService Desk.

Why do I need to submit a Work Request in TMA?

  • Assess the situation and effectively relay the information to the appropriate Facilities shop
  • Document the information (what, where and when) for management analysis

Once it is accepted and a Work Order is created, we can:

  • Prioritize the work
  • Track the costs
  • Run reports

Is my requested work chargeable?

Work needed to keep the university facilities looking as originally constructed and in proper operating condition is covered by the Facilities maintenance budget. Discretionary and project work requires an SAP cost center when submitting your Request in iService Desk.

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